Look At What I Can Bring With Me!!!

My Transferrable Skills

Communication- the technique of effectively making information and ideas known to others.

  • Verbal
  • Written
  • Listening

Project Management- when assigned a project, I am able to:

  • Gather necessary information
  • Identify Problems
  • Create a Schedule of Tasks
  • Set Goals

Information Management- being able to work with data and information in a systematic way.

  • Sort and Organize data in any way
  • Compile and rank information
  • Apply information to a specific problem or task

Time Management- the ability to work on different projects while being able to complete the responsibilities I am given in a timely manner.

  • Set Realistic Goals
  • Follow Through With a Plan or Decision
  • Manage Time Efficiently
  • Accommodate multiple demands for commitment of time, energy and resources
  • Make and Keep a Schedule
  • Set Priorities

Interpersonal Skills-the ability to effectively interact with peers and supervisors

  • Make and keep commitments to others
  • Build rapport with others
  • Keep co-workers, and supervisors informed upon the progress of a project and the expected time and date of completion

Management of Administrative Tasks-the ability to handle the day-to-day responsibilities that allow an office to run smoothly and efficiently.

  • File papers
  • Schedule appointments and meetings on calendars using Outlook
  • Schedule appointments for customers
  • Enter information into databases
  • Managing Invoices
  • Sort and distribute daily mail
  • Respond to callers concerns while managing a multi-line phone system
  • Helping other staff members with general office duties such as:
    • Sending and receiving faxes
    • Scanning documents
    • Making and distributing copies of documents to others
  • Sending out a mass mail outs to the entire company
  • Sending out Fed-Ex packages for the department or company