Below Is My Contact Information

My name is Helen Cowles.  I am seeking a position in customer service or in handling the routine responsibilities for a company.  The reason for my limited responsibilities is due to the fact that I have a mild form of Autism called Aspergers Syndrome.  It makes it difficult for me to juggle handling multiple pieces of information coming in at me at once and having to jump from one non routine task to another. 

I am not interested in work at home, or start your own business or shipping money to whomever and then receiving money in my bank account.

For safety reasons, I didn't want to put my address on my website. 

My Contact Information is as follows:
Helen Cowles
(832) 978-9077

My Hobbies Include: 

Extreme Roller Coasters 

Tandem Skydiving 

Lakewood Church

Currently I am writing a book on how the quotes and messages from Joel Osteen have changed my life since I have grown up with having a lifetime of depression from having a developmental disability my whole life and never getting the help I needed since I was only diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome in June of 2014.  I pray that my book might be able to help others who are living with depression know that they don't have to suffer in silence and maybe reading how I overcame a lifetime of depression and hopelessness, then maybe that will give them hope for their situation.

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