Let My Personality Shine On!!!

Helen's Administrative Support Personality Strengths

What Makes Me Great At Working In An Administrative Support Capacity?


Passion-I’ve always had a great tendency to seek out administrative responsibilities at work and I believe that comes from my natural ability and my personality which I will talk about in greater detail.  To me, it is more than just a job.  I believe in myself and I know have what it takes to be great working in an administrative support capacity.  I truly believe that my purpose in life is to serve others in an administrative support capacity and so that is why I believe that this website is much more than just listing my skills and accomplishments. 


Natural Skills and Strengths

I believe I have several natural abilities that allow me to work best in an administrative capacity.  They are as follows:

  • I am extremely detailed oriented and organized.
  • I excel when working with routine tasks that must be done daily and those that must be done weekly.
  • I have an excellent ability to recognize numerical, data and grammatical errors on documents. 
  • I have a natural ability to find the best wording for sentences and how to phrase something so that it comes across a certain way. 


Several times when I was in my previous job, I would spot errors on documents and in databases and I would bring these errors to the attention of my boss so the errors can be corrected.  I started noticing so many errors that the Human Resource Director gave me the responsibility of auditing documents that came from payroll to make sure that the documents are correct with the information in the Human Resource database.

 My Personality

Personality-I believe that administrative responsibilities are best suited for:

  • Someone who works best with routine 
  • Someone who doesn’t need different things to do all of the time. 
  • Someone who doesn’t get bored easily with the routine tasks
  • Someone who likes to spend time alone and who doesn’t feel the need to spend every minute of the day managing other people.
  • I would prefer to handle invoices, perform data entry, work with general office equipment rather than manage people, hire or fire people, or deal with employee’s issues and that type of stuff.